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Feather Plucking

Keep Your Cockatoo From Feather Plucking

"How To Stop Feather Plucking In Cockatoos"

Feather plucking is a sad issue to deal with.  The cockatoo could be plucking for one of MANY different reasons, which I'll talk about on this page.  But instead of just writing another webpage on how to stop feather plucking, I thought I'd just refer you to the best interview I've ever heard in my life on the topic of how to stop feather plucking.

The interview goes for over an hour and really gives people an idea of all that could be behind your cockatoos feather plucking issues.  Here's a list of just some of the things that could be causing your Cockatoo to pluck...

Picture Of Feather Plucking Cockatoo

Warning... Don't Think You Shouldn't Read This Just Cuz Your Parrot Doesn't Pluck It's Feathers Yet -- Because Preventative Maintence is the Best Way To Stop Feather Plucking!

Your Cockatoo could be plucking for any of these reasons, don't just take your Too to your Veterinarian, let him run a blood test and say "gee, I don't know what the problem is!"  Most veterinarians want to fix everything with drugs, and that's only going to work in one out of every 50 cases of feather plucking.:
1. He could have a parasite -- fixable with medication
2. He could be stressed and scared of you, so learn how to get him used to you
3. He could have been taken from his mother and not taught to preen properly -- parrots don't always naturally know how to gently and non destructively clean their feathers. Sometimes introducing them to other parrots who know how to preen can fix this issue... but it get's complicated.
4. They could get seperation anxiety because you haven't taught them to entertain themselves
They could do it to relieve stress -- because you don't rotate their toys enough
6. They could pluck their feathers because of a poor diet
7. Feather plucking could result from a food allergy
and the list of ways a parrot might be feather plucking could go on and on, but my advice to you is two fold.  First take your bird to a GOOD avian veterinarian to see if they can spot the problem right away... then go listen to the feather plucking interview I mentioned above to  learn about other ways you can stop your parrots feather plucking.

Feather plucking has become so common with the Umbrella Cockatoo that I really feel like people shouldn't even buy them.

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