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The Goffin Cockatoo

The Goffin Cockatoo

"The Incredibly Playful Goffin Cockatoo Needs LOTS Of Attention To Keep From Developing Behavior Problems"

The Goffin Cockatoo is one of the easiest species of Cockatoo to own as a pet. Goffin's don't have nearly the window shattering vocal abilities that it's Moluccan or Umbrella cousins have, which makes it MUCH easier to manage. 

Dont' get me wrong, Goffin Cockatoos aren't a quiet bird. They will scream at sunrise, and at sunset like most other breeds of Cockatoo do. If you're seriously thinking about purchasing a Goffin Cockatoo, or any species of Cockatoo for that matter, you'd better be willing to let the little guy do his screaming at morning and night. It's NOT a behavior problem and you won't be able to train a Goffin Cockatoo to NOT scream during these times. So if you've got neighbors within earshot, don't by a Cockatoo.

Goffin Cockatoos aren't as popular as the Umbrella or Moluccan because they don't have the larger, more colorful head crests. But aside from looks their fairly similar.

The one exception to how Goffin Cockatoos behave is that they're a more energetic breed of Cockatoo. They need to have toys constantly changed in and out of their cages to keep them stimulated. Goffin's will develop behavior problems like feather plucking, screaming and biting issues, if not taught tricks, tasks, and given LOTS of mental stimulation.

Picture Of Two Goffin Cockatoos

Giving a Goffin Cockatoo enough mental stimulation means that if you're married, one of you should stay at home, or at least be willing to give him a couple hours of play time every day. This could include letting your Goffin Cockatoo sit on your shoulder as you cook dinner, or in your lap while you watch TV. Or sitting on a tree stand next to your desk like my two parrots are right now ;-)

But don't let it get out of HAND! A Goffin Cockatoo should be taught from an early age how to entertain himself with his own toys, so he's not going to constantly scream for your attention.

And if you truly are set on a Cockatoo, it would either be the Goffin, or the Rose Breasted Cockatoo that would be the only two breeds of Cockatoo I feel comfortable recommending you purchase. Purchasing any other species of Cockatoo is just going to require more work and patience than you're probably willing to give.

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