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Umbrella Cockatoo

How To Make Sure Your Umbrella Cockatoo Doesn't Hold You Hostage And Take Over Your Home!

"Tips and Information On
Preventing Umbrella Cockatoo Problems!"
Type in Umbrella Cockatoo in the search engines and you'll probably find a site like Wikipedia who wants to tell you all about the tiny little country the Umbrella Cockatoo comes from, how long it's feathers are, it's scientific name and a few pictures. 

But what they don't tell you about is how to raise and train them so they don't turn out to be little hellions once they reach sexual maturity around the age of 3-5.

So I'm going to spare you all that stuff you could find in any decent encyclopedia, and just give you the stuff you REALLY need to know about raising the Umbrella Cockatoo -- so let's get started!
First off you need to understand that most Umbrella Cockatoos are little angels up until reaching sexual maturity. They're more affectionate then any other breed of Cockatoo, or any breed of parrot for that matter, and present virtually no behavior problems.

That's why Umbrella Cockatoos are so popular! People see them in the pet stores, they've never seen a cuter, gentler species of parrot in their life, and think they'll be that way forever. And the stupid greedy pet store owner usually fails to mention any follow up training instructions, and just sells them some crappy $9.95 book that they claim has all the answers.... NOT!
Picture Of Umbrella Cockatoo
If the pet store owner really cared about teaching you how to raise an Umbrella Cockatoo, in reality they should probably make it a requirement that you couldn't buy one of their Umbrella's without also buying an Umbrella Cockatoo training system like the one you'll find here.

Because properly raising an Umbrella Cockatoo means doing ALL the right things from day one.

Here's some of the more important information you should know :

1. Don't Give Your Umbrella Cockatoo Too Much Attention
When you first bring an Umbrella Cockatoo home you'll be so tempted with how cute and affectionate they are, that you'll want to play with it for hours every day. This is a huge mistake because eventually the honeymoon period will wear off, and you're left with a parrot who was trained as a baby to get all his social interaction and entertainment from you; by spending 3-4 hours on your shoulder or with you in site every day. NOT GOOD!
2. Train Your Umbrella Cockatoo To Entertain Himself
There's a great new DVD out on the market that teaches people how to set up what's called foraging trees. These are trees that help recreate a wild, natural environment for your parrot, and help give him something to do that nature intended -- forage! Videos like these will show you how to set up a tree, hide treats in it, and how to position toys so that a tree can occupy your parrot for hours.

Training your parrot how to occupy and entertain himself in this way means he won't scream for your attention when he's bored later, instead he realizes how much fun foraging trees are.
3. Never Give Attention To Your Umbrella Cockatoo When He Screams
Trust me, and Umbrella Cockatoo can have the most repetitive annoying screaming problems you've ever heard of in your life. Don't be like one of those needy parents who thinks it's cute when they're child cries for them, or their new puppy whines when they leave the room. You must NEVER give an Umbrella Cockatoo one second of attention for screaming.

And to be even more clear, you actually need to ALWAYS remove ALL forms of attention or entertainment the second your Umbrella Cockatoo starts to scream. It is only by doing this from day one that you can prevent the number one reason that the Umbrella Cockatoo is one of the most highly abandoned parrots in our society.

It's a well known animal training fact, that an animal will cease to do something that it realizes always brings a result that it does not want. So if your Umbrella Cockatoo want's attention, and you always leave the room when he starts screaming, you'll actually be training him to realize that screaming makes you go away, and not come closer.
4. Training Replacement Behaviors To Umbrella Cockatoos
In step 3 we talked about not giving attention to an Umbrella Cockatoo when it screams. This is great as long as you do give your Cockatoo a way to communicate his feelings to you, otherwise he'll just scream out of frustration -- and we don't want that either.

So pick a gesture, action, or something you'd like your Umbrella Cockatoo to do or say that can get your attention. I've known some people that taught their cockatoos to ring a bell when they want attention, and others who were taught to fluff their feathers whenever they wanted their owners to come on by.

Whatever behavior you decide to teach to your Umbrella Cockatoo just make sure it's always taught in a positive healthy manner that you'll be OK with your bird doing for the rest of his life. Personally I train my parrots to call for me by saying cute words or phrases. This way I can hear them from the other room to call back, and it's never annoying to guests -- they actually get a kick out of it.
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